The Honey

The Honey
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What people are saying about Misty Woods Honey:

---We all agreed it's some of the best honey we've had!  It's tasty - nice flavor - and a good consistency.

--Since our first purchase of Misty Woods Honey, we were immediately hooked on the value, texture and taste of this wonderful local Georgia honey.  This honey cannot even be compared to the store brands.  It is a free flowing, smooth tasting honey that is delicious!  As long as it is around, you can count on us keeping it in the pantry!  We love the taste of Misty Woods honey and the healthy benefits being that it is locally produced.

--We always prefer local honey to artificially processed refined sweeteners,

so we eat a lot of it! We loved Misty Woods Honey last season! The flavor

was unique and earthy and the quality was pure. It was great to know that

they were using responsible bee-keeping methods, and took every effort to

insure that the product was clean and healthy for our family!