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Swarm Removal
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If you have a swarm that you would like us to remove, please call 770-364-3885.  If we are not able to answer when you call, please leave a message and someone will call you right back.  In your message please leave the following information:

  1. 1.Where you are located, your street address and phone number .

  2. 2.Location of swarm (ground level, in a tree, on the deck)

  3. 3. If the swarm is not at ground level,  please tell us how high above ground it is located.  This ensures that we bring the correct equipment for the job.

  4. 4. Please do not spray the swarm with a hose, pesticide or do anything to irritate them.  They are normally very docile at this stage and easy for a beekeeper to retrieve.

Swarm Removal Number:


Photos of Honeybee Swarms


Swarm Removal Guidelines